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Where others see a reason, we see an opportunity

Business and project management consulting for logistics companies

Our mission
To see what no one else can see, to establish processes and to produce sustainable results
Cutting costs, strategizing, reducing the costs, getting a solution
Our advantages
Our experts will be happy to share their expertise based on the knowledge of what is currently working on the market.
Use the latest technologies
We have the best expertise of the lead specialists
Maximum competence
We look into the future of your company
Our services

We offer several services for the development of your company. If you do not find the service you need, we are always ready to meet and discuss how we can help you.

Audit of
➣ Transport logistics
➣ Warehouse logistics
➣ Purchase
➣ Supply chain management
➣ Inventory management
➣ Technological maturity
➣ Process-software solutions in a company
➣ The software and cloud storage services
➣ HR and staff management, cross-functional KPI
➣ Workflow
➣ Occupational safety
➢ Supply chain management, inventory management
➢ Warehouse logistics
➢ SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)
➢ Transport logistics
➢ Process management
➢ Electronic workflows
➢ NPS (Net Promoter Score)
➢ SLA (Service Level Agreement)
Project management
➣ Create the logistics structure from scratch
➣ Introduce the WMS/TMS systems
➣ Restructure the USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
➣ Restructure inventory management and procurement
➣ Calculate of the projects of any complexity
➣ Software architecture, exchanges
➣ Make the working organizational structure
➣ Fix the functionals/consolidation of the functionality
➣ The motivation
➣ Selection and qualifying of key employees
➣ Large-scale selection of employees
➣ Out staff
➢ Establish tender platforms for buying and selling/for a trade
➣ Create the control and audit department
➣ Create process flow charts for any company
➣ Economical (saving) production
➣ Occupational safety
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Corporate training
Our company provides staff members and managers training services.
Assessment centre
Work assignments for assessment centre are taking into the specifics of the company and the current activity of the company.
We coordinate the expertise of the participants with criteria for evaluating them. The assessment methodology allows to address the challenges of human resources management of the company:
- Recruitment
- Staff development
- Management improvement

The result:
The result is group and individual reports. The first one allows to assess a team cooperation and the second one shows an integrated assessment for every member individually. Assessments are related to specific business tasks, and show the current level of the suitability of applicants for the position as well as potential development zones. There are also some recommendations for a development path.
The interview of competency assessment makes it possible to evaluate leadership potential of managers and staff members. The method: speech of the current person who is interviewed can show us the specific of his personality. Therefore, we can make certain inferences about that person by analyzing his speech.This method is based on detection of speech contradiction to make people feel uncomfortable during the interview. At the same time, a person who is ready to be challenged feels not so stressed out throughout the interview.

The result:
The competency assessment
1. Critical thinking
The skill of being responsible for your own results and not to pass the blame on. The ability to critically evaluate own judgement and to detect contradictions.
2. Mindfulness
The skill of understanding the importance of my own conduct which influence on reaching individual and team goals.
3. Flexibility
The ability to adapt and to stay workable successfully during uncertainties. The skill of accepting the feedback and being able to adjust own conduct, in accordance with feedback.
4. Communication skills.
The skill of speaking your mind clearly and explicitly, being able to listen and to hear.
5. Self-confidence.
Being persistent while expressing your opinion. You should demonstrate your right to have own point of view.
The framework for the human resource management (HRM)

The cycle of effectiveness management included:

1. Goal setting

2. Well-timed feedback

3. Result monitoring

The major task of the training is helping our clients to understand the process cycling and to get certain skills which are necessary for implementation of the HRM process in individual and team work.

The result:

- Familiarization with manager's functionality and responsibilities

- Acquiring the START methodology of goal setting

- Getting the algorithm of providing feedback

- Awareness of the principles of the result checking and acquainting with different types of control

Effective conference and interviewing

The conferences and interviewing contribute to team organization and cohesion. It's really essential to make every member understand the team goal and make him feel important in the process of reaching that goal.

The result:

- Learning and mastering of conference rules

- Understanding of concept of preparing for the conference

- Using a method of focusing on one certain thing

- Understanding the principals of the development of the role structure

- Learning the methodology that is essential during the selection of candidate process. Creating a number of questions and the case for the interview. Identification of personality type of reference, getting the diagnosis methodology of other metaprogramms for the assessment of candidates

Сommunication in conflict

The mission of this training is to help our clients to understand the nature of conflict and to get skills which are necessary for conflict resolution during work process with colleagues.

The result:

- the acquaintance with the nature of conflict

- finding your personal strategy of conduct in conflict

- Learning the methodology of dealing with conflict situations

- Understading manipulation process and learning ways of protection

- gaining the experience in practicing an effective response to an emotionally negative statement

I came, I said, I conquered or ways of the effective presentation.

The mission of the training:

Give you self-presentation skill which is a part of the successful performance. Provide you with the method of effective work with the audience and with experience of a full-fledged presentation as well. Learn elements of the multimedia slide show creation.

The result you can get:

- understanding your strengths and weaknesses of your presentation skills

- the presentation main stages

- the key aspects of presentation preparation

- the ways of organization of the space for meetings

- the ways to open and close a presentation.

- the correct work with questions

- the effective work with the audience methodology

- the principals of high-quality slide-shows creation in Power Point.

- the experience of a full-fledged presentation

The motivation basing on personality typology

The DISC typology is effective during work with subordinates (goal setting, control and feedback), colleagues ( interaction) and negotiation with clients and counterparties.

The training is aimed at the formation and the development of the main components of such competencies as creating effective interactions, management skills, ability to inspire others and team creation skills.

The result you can get:

- Acquaintance with the DISC typology and characteristic features of each type

- The DISC typology diagnosis skill

- goal setting skills,control using and giving a feedback basing on the DISC typology

- Experience of creating ways of influencing ( motivational tools) the staff

Metaprograms using during staff recruitment, staff management and the negotiation.

The success of any type of interaction is a result of being attentive to your conversationalists preferences.

This training allows you to understand the meta-programs of the person you talk to. The mission of the metaprogram work is finding a resource that can help to achieve the goal.

The result:

The result is the skill of using diagnostic tools that allow you to analyse condition of candidates and their compliance with the requirements as well as using specific tools for achieving the agreement with minimal emotion cost in minimum time.

The memory and creativity development.

The mission of this training: productive work with different type of information (numbers, images, texts, formulas), fast memorization a big amount of information, attention span development.

The result you can get:

increasing the efficiency of work, memory improvement secrets, the ability to memorize any type of information, , long-term memory development, creation of personal schemes of memorization and memory improvement.

Common standards of quality.

The mission of the training:

- understanding the importance of the high-quality service

- learning business communication

- demonstration of tools and methods which are essential for high-quality client service

- the analysis of specific situations such as working with difficult clients

The result you can get:

- the identification of customer needs methodology

- the active listening technique

- the skill of creating a rapport with customers

- the metholodgy of dealing with customer complaints

Effective coach skills, part 1

As a coach you should understand your role during educational process as well as your influence on participants conduct to become a highly effective coach. This training aims at the development and the formation of the coach competence: presentation, public speaking, information organization and reporting, exercise organization.

The result you can get:

- information about main principles of adult education

- The structure of initial phases of the education process, ways of keeping audience attention

- ways of effective involvement of communication channels during education process

- information about the causes of misrepresentation, active listening technique

- understanding of the importance of nonverbal components in education

- the methods of using the training equipment

- presentation and self-presentation skills

- the algorithms of the exercise organization in the education process

Effective coaching skills, part 2

The mission of the training:

As a coach you should understand your role during educational process as well as your influence on participants conduct to become a highly effective coach.

This training aims at the development and the formation of the coach competence:

- the group work management using feedback methods and socio-psychological approach

- using of social facilitation in adult education

The result you can get:

- information about relevance of the use of trainer roles in education

- information about different kinds of psychology positions and behave, methods of the identification of them, methods of conflict resolution with using the PAC models

- the group formation stages depending on trainers actions

- the facilitation structure

- the facilitation skills

- information about causes of confrontational situations during the training

- the methods of the prevention of confrontational situations

- the algorithm of responding on the confrontation

- feedback is the key to effective education

- the feedback rules and principles

- the information about the criteria for evaluating training effectiveness


This training aims at the formation of motivation to use time effectively and to learn certain skills such as goal-setting, priority setting, strategic planning, "say no" skill

The result you can get:

- the short-term goal setting methodology

- understading your personal priorities in life

- effective ways of dealing with big projects and unpleasant tasks

- the priority planning methodology

- understanding the importance of strategic planning

- time loss diagnostic metholodgy

- the "say no" methods

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